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Adirondack Physical Therapy, Expanding & Rebranding

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Staff members at Adirondack Physical & Occupational Therapy participated in a four-hour training on Aspen Lasers Summit Laser Series today in order to implement Class 4 laser therapy into their practice.

Adirondack’s class 4 Laser is designed to provide non-invasive, pain-free, healing of soft tissue structures within the body. With laser therapy, photons of laser light penetrate the skin and underlying tissues of the affected area, are absorbed by the cells and converted into energy, stimulating the healing process within the body.

There are virtually no dangerous side effects to the use of laser therapy, in addition, the Class 4 Laser is an advanced treatment modality compared other Class 1, low-level laser therapies introduced in the early 2000s. Treatments take anywhere from 10-20 minutes and the effects of treatment are typically felt within the very first session. Laser therapy is appropriate for patients with pain and inflammation from: tendonitis, arthritis, pain, fibromyalgia, joint stiffness, migraines and tension headaches, sinus headaches, carpal tunnel, fractures, including non-healing, ACL and MCL surgeries, low back pain and disc issues, plantar fasciitis and ankle problems, and peripheral neuropathy.

In addition to laser therapy, Adirondack is in the process of implementing specialized balance and vestibular rehabilitation services and equipment through FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers. These services will provide advanced rehabilitation for patients with balance and dizziness disorders, including BPPV, Meniere's disease, vestibular neuritis and those in need of fall prevention programs. Every year, 30% of the US population over the age of 65, falls. Falls are the leading cause of death for this age group and the average hospital cost of a fall is $20,000.00.

Adirondack is currently undergoing a rebranding campaign to FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers with a formal ribbon cutting planned for April 11, 2019. They recently installed a Solo Step Rails system within the clinic which prevents patients from falling during higher level balance activities. Adirondack/FYZICAL will continue to provide all orthopedics and sports physical therapy, hand therapy and custom splinting services, concussion, and brain injury rehabilitation. They will continue to be privately, therapist, owned and operated with the same great staff!

Adirondack’s services and their team has grown since opening their clinic at 127 East First St in July of 2010. In 2018 they expanded, adding approximately 1400 square feet to their clinical space. Adirondack/Fyzical’s team currently consists of two Clinical Care Specialists, three Occupational Therapists, and three Physical Therapists. They plan to hire a full-time rehabilitation technician in the near future to provide laser therapy and orthotic assessments.

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