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Animal Activist Rescues Raccoon Cubs For Better Lives

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A temporary raccoon nest keeps the cubs comfy. A temporary raccoon nest keeps the cubs comfy. Submitted photo

Imagine driving home from a long day of work when suddenly a small, dark mound appears in the road before you. Most people would swerve to avoid hitting the mysterious obstacle and not think twice.

Fran Hoefer, however, realized that swerving was not an option when he saw what lie in the road before him. When he pulled over to the side of the road, he discovered three baby raccoons had taken over his lane. Their mother has just been struck and killed by another vehicle.

“Two of them came right to me, the other ran under my car.” Hoefer stated, when he first stopped on the side of the road. Once Hoefer secured the raccoon cubs, including the one under his car, he waited an extra ten minutes to make sure that there were no more. Hoefer is an animal activist, and he did not have it in his heart to abandon the orphaned cubs. Instead, he brought them home with him for the night. He saw the animals in distress and “Decided to help them.”

Racoons1This is not the first time Hoefer has saved animals. He has rescued two cats, who are now domesticated, and has also rescued baby squirrels. Recently, Hoefer has brought the baby raccoons to an animal rehabilitation center so that they can be released back into the wild.

“As cute as they are and I’d love to keep them, they deserve to be in their natural habitat in the wild.” Hoefer said.

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