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Brand New Company, IronBack Puts Muscle Into Your Meal!

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Brand New Company, IronBack Puts Muscle Into Your Meal! Submitted photo

Morgan Backus, owner, and founder of IronBack Meal Prep has something for everyone when it comes to meal prepping.

"I have been a fitness enthusiast since I was a young child and have been cooking since I was a child as well," she said. For Morgan, her love for the kitchen started in her Mother's and Grandmother's kitchens at the age of three/four and began cooking on her own at age 9 or 10.

In 2014, after a conversation with a close friend, Morgan began cooking privately and helping him shed nearly 30 pounds all while replacing the few meals he was eating, to multiple heathy IronBack Meals. "I have had a strong passion for health all my life, but 2014 was the year that I was introduced to bodybuilding and Macros, it changed my life," said Backus.

As Backus grew as a person, she found strength and beauty in her results. "My own hard work and dedication motivated me to help others learn about themselves what I had," she said. The name IronBack came from her love of the 'Iron' combined with my last name. I began IronBack in hopes of pursuing my fulfillment," Backus said.

Don't let the name fool you, IronBack doesn't serve the fitness community alone. "I have clients from all different backgrounds that choose to order from me, such as, busy moms, employees working long hours, diabetics, strongman competitors, fitness competitors, working families and everyday Joe's, just to name a few," stated Backus. Regardless of their personal lives, all of Backus's clients benefit from her meals in similar ways. "My meals are fresh and healthy, consistent, convenient and save you valuable time," she said.

To Backus, health isn't a one-way street. "It's a never-ending journey of the body, mind, and soul. With positivity, dedication and a lot of self-motivation, I believe you can create the life you're meant to live," said Backus. Backus said that helping others in their life journey and reaching their truest potential is the reason she created IronBack. There are no shortcuts in life, but having the right tools and educating yourself are truly two important factors that will get you further ahead!

"Beginning in 2018, I will be offering personal training and a combined meal and training programs, said Backus. This is something Backus is looking forward to very much. "I invest myself in my clients and take pride in all I do," she also said "I look forward to working with the local community here in Oswego and plan on expanding to Syracuse in the new year. I continue to merge my personal endeavors & growth with IronBack and with that comes endless possibilities."

You can follow IronBackMeal Prep on various social media platforms where she offers recipes, nutrition information, motivation, freebies and tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle.
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Browse her website to order new featured dishes or to create your own custom meal options by going to

All meals are cooked same day as Pick up at the Oswego Commons on Monday evenings. You can also purchase IronBack meals and some various "Macro Munchies" ( high protein, healthy, maco based snacks, and desserts) at Chell's Bake Shop in the Oswego Commons!

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