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Calling All Thespians - Theater Du Jour Brings MURDER to the Table

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Calling All Thespians - Theater Du Jour Brings MURDER to the Table Poster Design courtesy of Brian Graves and Brandon Holmes

Theatre Du Jour is looking for actors for their next offering - “Murder at the Prom” by Peter DePietro - directed by Sherri Metz! Auditions are being held at the Art Loft (171 W 1st Street) in Oswego on Monday and Tuesday, March 13 & 14th from 6-9.

A cold read from the script (provided) is all that is required to be considered. The interactive murder mystery runs May 13th at the Barnes Hiscock Mansion in Syracuse, the 18th at the Eis House in Mexico and the 26th at GS Steamers in Oswego! Patrons are invited to wear their prom best (or worst) and join the fun! Tickets are on sale now at!

Show Synopsis:

Stroll down the lane that love paved as you and your sweetheart attend the high school senior prom. You'll bask in the glory of your recent varsity victory and cheer as the king and queen of the prom are selected from among the guests. But beware! Glory days soon turn into gory days as one among you is murdered, then another. Gee whiz, not even Carrie was this treacherous. The list of suspects includes class snobs Charles Jonathan Edward Buckley III and Margot Ralston, the class outcast Patty Primpinpoof, and a couple from the wrong side of the tracks, Vinnie DiMici and Bella Baloopi. Vinnie and Bella are always making a scene. This year Bella insisted on coming to the prom, even though she is "in the family way," or is that a bomb she has hidden under her gown? Attend the prom and find out the answer, along with whodunit.

Character Descriptions:

BELLA BALOOPI - a loud-mouthed, bawdy female from the wrong side of the tracks; a tough moll-type with a temper; high school senior

VINNIE DIMICI - a Brooklyn-esque greaser with a brash style - rude, in-your-face and boisterous; trouble-maker with no etiquette, yet he can be smooth in his own testostrone-infused way; high school senior.

CATHERINE CRANSTON - a former military official; now an ostensibly straight-laced, commandeering high school principal; an efficient leader with a no-nonsense sensibility; 40-55 years old.

PATTY PRIMPINPOOF - a nosey, belligerent spoiled brat; an overly zealous participant in class activities, even though she is the school outcast; very unattractive; high school senior. Can be played by a man in drag.

CHARLES JONATHAN EDWARD BUCKLEY III (CHUCKY) - an obnoxious, pretentious prig; a very wealthy WASP, who flaunts his superior social position formidably; high school senior.

MARGOT RALSTON (MUFFY) - an abominable snob, whose constant degradation of people less financially well-off than she is loathsome; very attractive; high school senior.

KIM CRANSTON - Catherine's twin sister; a tough private investigator with a passion for solving crimes; deliberate and intelligent; 40-55 years old. Played by the same actress as Catherine.

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