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Every Month Is Book Month For Oswego`s Local Book Stores

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October is National Book Month and book stores in Oswego are excited for it. October is National Book Month and book stores in Oswego are excited for it. Photo courtesy of www.nationalbook.org

In preparation for National Book Month, the local book businesses are buzzing about the celebration for the love of books in the community not only within the month, but every day.

The month of October is a celebratory time for many national holidays, including breast cancer awareness, bullying prevention, and substance abuse prevention. However, what’s got Oswego local book stores Time & Again Book & Tea, and The River’s End Bookstore excited is the month-long holiday for the love of books.

Originally sponsored by the National Book Foundation, this annual event encourages people of all ages to read and enjoy a good book. The month suggests a series of celebratory activities each week at home with family and in schools with classmates. However, there’s no better way to celebrate the month of books than by shopping local at Oswego’s independent book stores. image5

Time & Again Books & Tea became a part of the Oswego community in 2000, making this past September the bookstore’s 14th anniversary. The bookstore, located on East Utica Street, offers a wide selection of used books for less, a great deal for avid readers. 

Visitors of the store will find the greatest selection of books to be in the science fiction and fantasy section, one that is proudly the largest of any other shop in town. There is, however, a solid selection of romance and western writers for less. And in retail, “less is always more.”

Store owner Deborah Engelke shared that every experience at Time & Again Books & Tea is certainly a pleasant and friendly one.

“We organize the shoppe so you can locate what you are seeking, as well as provide comfortable seating,” Engelke said.  

Time & Again provides a comfortable, warm space for readers to enjoy gourmet teas and cozy up with their favorite book. 

image4“Every month is book month at Time Books,” she said. “We have specials every day, volume buying, frequent flyer incentives, and of course book bucks,” Engelke said. 

What’s not to celebrate about buying a book and saving on it? There is a reason to celebrate what Time & Again loves every day. 

Time & Again also has e-readers and e-books available for purchase at a lower price, great for those on the technology wave. Around this time of year, Time & Again is most commonly selling literary books because of the return of students back at school.  Get more updates and photos on Time & Again Books & Tea by checking out its Facebook page.  

Also excited about this month’s upcoming events is local bookstore The River’s End Bookstore. Located on West Bridge Street, River’s End has been a part of the Oswego local business community since its start in 1998. This book biz is proud of its super customer experience, both in service and community events. Here, it’s National Book Month “all the time and every day!” 

“We like to be involved within the Oswego community and the Oswego campus,” River’s End co-owner Bill Riley said. image3

River’s End hosts events and readings often involving all age groups and authors of various age interests. The store has been visited by many famous authors, attracting many visitors in the community. The store is excited to announce in its latest newsletter that Syracuse Basketball coach Jim Boeheim will be visiting the the store on Nov. 17 with the release of his career memoir. 

The store and its staff thrive off the experience of new discovery among its shelves, which makes a month like National Book Month exciting for its customers. The great variety of genres across the shelves spans from children’s to science fiction. 

“Around this time of year for Halloween, our most popularly sold genre is horror novels with ghosts and vampires,” Riley said.  

image1When not on the Halloween clock, River’s End’s most widely sold genres include children’s books and history books pertaining to local community history.  

Most importantly, River’s End stresses the importance of the store and its brand awareness within the community. Customers can stay updated on the business through social media networks, email and print monthly newsletters, and posts on the River’s End website. It also offers the service to order books off the website and have them delivered home or in stores for pick up. Consider it reading made easy.

Despite the name of the celebration, to these local book businesses, it’s National Book Month all year round. With great customer service and customer experience, everyone in the community can enjoy a good book in a great environment at Time & Again Books & Tea and The River’s End Bookstore.

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