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'F5' Hits Main Stage at 30th Anniversary Harborfest

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On Saturday, July, 29th the band F-5 rocked the main stage of the 30th Anniversary of Harborfest.

"The band F-5 has been performing collectively for twenty plus years," according to Don Beshures, the bassist. The band consists of Don Beshures, the bassist, Matt McGiff, lead guitarist, Jason Learo, singer, John Wilson, the drums, Randy Platt, sound & lighting.

While the band has changed those in the band from time to time, the music has not changed. "We're one of the heavier bands that play Harborfest," said Learo. "Our genre is melo from the 70's to some of the newer stuff of today," stated Beshures. The band today played everything from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shinedown, Foo Fighters, Sound Garden, White Zombie and according to Learo while on stage "This is one of my favorite songs!" Purple Rain. "I don't think there was a single person out there today that thought this band was going to play Purple Rain," stated Learo. The crowd was really enjoying Purple Rain. "Usually we play a four-hour show so it's hard to put everything we do in a one-hour twenty-minute show," said Beshures. "We like to put a spin on things and try and have fun," said McGiff.

The band enjoyed the enthusiasm of today's crowd, "I think it was a great crowd," stated Learo. Learo also said, "We put some of the heavier stuff in there to see what would happen and the crowd definitely reacted."

"They were singing a lot of the songs and people were into it," said Beshures.

This was not the bands first time on the main stage. "We really want to play later on, we want to show Oswego what F5 can really do, said Learo. "We've had a lot of people request that we go later on," stated Beshures. "We had an older lady come up to us and say she normally doesn't listen to this music but her daughter does and she heard us playing from the food vendors and she said the bands we were playing she thought were on stage and came to listen to us," said McGiff.

For drummer John Wilson, this was his first time playing Harborfest and the first time his daughter has seen him play. "My daughter is 20 and this is the first time she has seen me play," stated Wilson about his daughter Siara. "It is my hometown I was able to play in front of," said Wilson.

"We always enjoy playing at Harborfest, it's a lot of fun, and we look forward to playing it again and around Oswego more and more," said Beshures. "Keep moving forward and playing as much as we can and hopefully be back here in the future," stated McGiff. According to Platt, "It's good to be the entertainment." Learo stated, "Every time we get off stage, I always say its an honor and pleasure to play for you guys today/tonight and it always is."I'm the new guy in the band and I hope to be with F-5 for quite awhile," said Wilson.

The band will be performing next in Oswego as part of Lighthouse Lanes Super Summer Concert Series August 11th opening for Under The Gun. The band will also be at Brennan's Beach during Labor Day Weekend. "There are close to 3,000 people there that weekend," stated Beshures.

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