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How Skip’s Fish Fry Got Its Name

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As any Skip's patron can tell you, owner Shawn Cathcart has a big heart. It's obvious in his dedication to quality. It's apparent in his commitment to customer satisfaction. But perhaps more than anything, Shawn's heart is most evident in how Skip's Fish Fry got its name.

Leading up to his grand opening, Shawn struggled to find the perfect name for his new establishment. "I wanted something that was simple and reflected care and commitment," he said. It was then that his sister suggested the name of someone who had recently stolen Shawn's heart.

A few months prior, Shawn had gone to the local animal shelter to adopt a puppy. There, he met Skip. Skip had been neglected. Only by luck, he was found by neighbors half starved and all alone in an abandoned house where he'd been for weeks. They called the authorities, who rescued him and delivered him to the shelter. Once fattened up and nursed back to full health, he was ready to go home, wherever that would be. 

"You know, I went there intent specifically on finding a chocolate lab," Shawn said. "And here comes this ball of energy - a yellow lab - bouncing around the kennel like a kangaroo," he said.

But he said Skip ran right over to him, sat down beside him, let out a little sigh, and just leaned on Shawn's leg. "I was like 'yep, OK - I guess he's the one,'" Shawn said. He adopted him on the spot, brought him home, and he's been at Shawn's side ever since.

Later, as Shawn sat down with various friends and family trying to come up with a name for the restaurant, his sister's suggestion stood out. "She said, 'you love that restaurant as much as that pup - why not call it Skip's?'"

Bingo. Just like that, as clear as the day "Skip" the dog became Shawn's new best friend, "Skip's Fish Fry" came to be.

And since then, Shawn and his staff have been busy offering Oswego NY residents the freshest fish in town, and giving the community a little taste of New England, served up with a lot of love.

For more information follow Skip's Fish Fry at SkipsFishFry on Facebook, and can reach them at mailto:[email protected]

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