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Mayor Barlow Delivers 2019 State of the City Address

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City of Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow City of Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow Submitted photo

City of Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow delivered his fourth State of the City Address, recapping his first three years in office and outlining his plans for 2019.

Mayor Barlow discussed his accomplishments over the last three years including securing $20 million in federal and state grant money, issuing the first tax cut to City residents in 20 years, construction of a code enforcement office and increased regulation for rental properties, and the paving of nearly $2.5 million worth of City roadway, drawing a stark contrast to the state of City government prior to taking office in 2016.

“In 2019, the State of our City is strong and gaining strength. We have the energy, the confidence and the momentum. We are a local government delivering for it’s residents. We are making progress in all areas and that is why we will only gain strength as we roll into 2019,” Mayor Barlow said. “As we look to the year ahead, we will continue with our vision and priorities that have served us so well thus far. We will continue to improve our parks and public space, offer more community amenities, push our neighborhood and downtown revitalization efforts, and offer better city services at a lower cost to our residents,” Barlow said.

2019 State of the City announcements and priorities:

- Proposal to reduce the annual City sewer service bill by $200 for home owners

- Banning commercial water meter by-passes for large commercial water users

- Brand new, first fully handicap accessible playground in Hamilton Park

- Focus on job creation and business expansion within City limits in 2019

- Elimination of economic development application fees for businesses

Mayor Barlow thanked his department heads, city employees and city residents for their hard work and support for the last three years and insisted much work remains to be done in the coming years. "Our goals for 2019 are consistent with our overall vision for our community. Through smart, strategic investments we can continue to ease the financial burden on our residents by reducing the City sewer bill, we will continue to grow and improve our community by building the first ever handicap accessible playground, and we will foster partnerships and encourage business development and expansions within City limits", Barlow said. “We’ve change the direction, the momentum is with us, the energy is with us, we are leading the way in Central in New York and all we have to do is keep working together to keep it going. The change in attitude and renewed confidence is palpable. There are positive signs of progress that are undeniable and if we keep working together we will make the City of Oswego, a new and different Oswego than it has been before, as we finally realize the limitless potential that exists in this fantastic community,” Barlow concluded.

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