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Morgan Backus of IronBack Meal Prep Presents to Oswego Rotary

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Pictured are: club member Tammy Murphy, Morgan Backus and club President Carrie Penoyer. Pictured are: club member Tammy Murphy, Morgan Backus and club President Carrie Penoyer. Submitted photo

Oswego Rotary Club recently hosted Morgan Backus, owner/operator of IronBack Meal Prep.

IronBack is a food preparation service that provides healthy meal options, especially for busy people looking to eat better and meet their individuals goals. Whether that goal is fat loss, muscle gain, contest prep or just eating better in general.

Backus, a former police officer, states " there are so many different approaches to a healthy lifestyle. One of my favorite parts about fitness is that what works for one person, may not work for the next. There are always new studies coming out and reviews telling us what is good for you and what might be sabotaging your goals. But at the end of the day, no crazy gym session or supplement is going to outwork a solid healthy diet ".

Ms. Backus gave up her career in law enforcement to focus on her health and that of others. Her passion is for good health and physical fitness. A joke with a friend a few years back has now turned in to her own business. Backus caters to her clients tastes and prepare meals that help them meet their fitness/weight loss goals and most importantly to them, save them time and money while taking the dirty work of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up the mess! For more information on Morgan Backus and IronBack Meal Prep:

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