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Porky & Buddy Column: How Could #MeToo Possibly Affect OCHS?

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Dear Readers: This is a hard column to write. Like everyone else we know, we have been following the #MeToo movement, as long time leaders in every segment of society have come crashing down in the wake of horrific allegations about their behavior toward women and girls. And as important as this movement has become, we never imagined it had anything to do with our little column on animal welfare and care for pets.

But then a few weeks ago, we began to see news reports with allegations against Wayne Pacelle, the President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. Wayne Pacelle has been a fierce advocate for animals for decades and has moved HSUS toward greater and more effective advocacy on a number of vitally important animal welfare issues: factory farms; puppy mills; the slaughter of animals for fur; cruel laboratory research involving animals; the list goes on and on.

So we were shocked and saddened to hear this about him. HSUS issued a (somewhat tone-deaf) statement to the effect that the Board had investigated the allegations and had not found them to be credible. Nevertheless, Mr. Pacelle has resigned from his position at HSUS and Kitty Block has been named as Acting CEO. She also serves as President of the Humane Society International.

You might be wondering why the Oswego County Humane Society is even discussing this problem. Clearly we have no information about this other than what we read in the news. But we do want to let our readers know, no matter what you think of HSUS and Mr. Pacelle, that OCHS is not HSUS. We have no affiliation with the national group--we receive no funding from them--and we have no say whatsoever in how they conduct their organization. Vice versa, HSUS has no affiliation with us. That said, we think HSUS is a great organization doing important work. Please don't let this issue distract you from that reality. We are all in this together.

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