Do you attend public events at SUNY Oswego?
What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
How do you find info about events in Oswego?
Should the city tear down the old Cahills Fishery (Colemans)?
Do you believe Twitter should be a part of your marketing plan?
Does your business have a Marketing plan for 2014?
What was your favorite part of Harborfest?
What was your favorite part of Harborfest?
Which new eatery are you most curious to visit?
Have you been to any of these eateries yet?
What Oswego event this September have you NEVER attended?
Which holiday season downtown event will you attend?
What's your plan for Valentine's Day this year?
Where should Theatre Du Jour hold their murder mystery dinner?
Bridge Street Run...Which of the following best describes how YOU feel?
We have LOTS of water here, which of these ideas would you support?
Do you know what Oswego has to offer?
When shopping in Oswego, how important is the service you receive?
What is your favorite part of October in Oswego?
What is your favorite part of Halloween?
Do you volunteer your time to local causes?
What is the best part of the Thanksgiving turkey?
What is the best side dish for Thanksgiving dinner?
When do you take down your Christmas decorations?
Christmas is best when...
Do you plan to participate in Black Friday shopping?
When do you start listening to Christmas music?
Are you done with your Christmas shopping?
With Netflix so popular, how often do you go out to the movies?
Which new businesses in Oswego have you been to?
Are Hash tags an effective marketing tool?
What is your favorite Thanksgiving pie?
How often do you shop locally (13126)?