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Six Kids, Six Scoops; What's In A Name?

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Six Kids, Six Scoops;  What's In A Name? Photos by Jerry Maher for

The Story Behind Scoops! As told by Laurin Furlong, Hailey Furlong, Elizabeth Furlong, Emilie Furlong, Clare Furlong, and Caroline Furlong, collectively.

Six Scoops Ice Cream is a family owned business run by six fearless Furlong cousins.

"We came up with the idea to open an ice cream stand to help pay for our college tuition. We all have BIG dreams and know that a college education is the first step to making them come true."

"Our families have been in business for themselves for over 80 years. Our great grandparents, grandparents and parents have all instilled their values and leadership skills in us and it seemed only natural to follow in their footsteps. So we are starting our own journey with Six Scoops."

"We are so proud to begin our adventure together with this female owned and operated business. We have been taught that if we work hard we can achieve our dreams and that is just what we plan to do."

"We are excited to work alongside one another, to learn together and grow as individuals. With the love and support of our close knit family as well as our valued patrons, we know we can make Six Scoops Ice Cream, a success."

Six Scoops Ice Cream is located at the corner of Hillside Ave. and 104 West at the Forks of the Road

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