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Stout Beard Brewing, An Adventure

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The "BILL" Pickle Ale at Stout Beard Brewing The "BILL" Pickle Ale at Stout Beard Brewing Submitted photo

Today’s adventure started as many beer adventures do, me doing chores at home and thinking of where to travel to get my beer.

After two loads of laundry in the morning I started to get hungry for Bahn Mi… a Vietnamese sandwich. And there is only one place to get such a $5 delicacy. Ky Duyen Cafe in Syracuse NY. That was my first stop of the day. As usual, this unique sandwich made me weep as if my taste buds had seen the face of God. It really is THAT good.

But as always my article is about beer, not food, so let me get to the point. After lunch I drove over to Stout Beard Brewing and managed to get there before they opened. Rather lucky I guess, because I noticed that two police officers parked themselves in the lot further back so I made a mental note that they would be there when I leave… No one needs a DUI or DWI these day. When they finally opened, I started my flight of more of their unique beers, I had been there before so I’ve already tasted the flagship taps – no need to revisit those.

The Caramel Apple Porter was a winner for first sampling, and The Chocolate Chipotle Stout was a nice mild change from other brewery attempts. The stout had an initial semi-sweet chocolate aroma and taste and finished with a dry pepper taste that did not linger on the tongue, nor did it ruin my taste buds for the next and my favorite of this visit. The most unique beer I have had in a while!

Stout Beard Brewing presented me with the “Bill” Pickle Ale… a Traditional English Style Bitter brewed with Pickling spices. A beautifully dry ale with subtle spices similar to Holiday Ale or Spiced Ale without being overwhelmingly spiced. Fear not my beer review readers, for this ale does not taste like the pickles on top of your burger. It’s better. Much Better. As you can see in my picture above, I had two tiny sweet gherkins in a separate glass… Those are to garnish the ale, but I initially asked for them on the side. “Silly, John! What ever happened the adventurous guy??” Well to answer that question, eventually those gherkins took a dive into the ale, and it was the best swim they ever took.

In the few months Stout Beard has been open, you can tell they have grown quite a bit as a brewery and the recipes are improving at a faster than expected pace. These guys know their beer!

PS. Since the actual brewery location is not open to the public at this time. You can grab their ales at Evergreen in Hanover Square in Syracuse, NY and also Full Boar Brewing in North Syracuse, NY.

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