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Monday, 12 December 2016 00:25

YoBerry Adds Smoothies to Their Unique Offerings

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Candace Brown, owner of YoBerry, and Aliza Fields, manager of YoBerry Oswego Candace Brown, owner of YoBerry, and Aliza Fields, manager of YoBerry Oswego Submitted photo

Since June of 2014, YoBerry Frozen Yogurt Bar has been passionate about delivering a completely custom made frozen dessert experience.

"We are a self-serve frozen yogurt bar. We have enjoyed the looks of delight and amazement from our customers at the nearly endless possibilities in creating the perfect frozen treat, while still offering low-fat, non-fat, no sugar added, dairy free and gluten free choices to accommodate a healthier lifestyle and dietary restrictions," stated Candace Brown, owner of Yoberry in Oswego, NY. "We bring the same passion and excitement to our new line of YoBerry Exclusive "Delicious and Nutritious" Smoothies. The new smoothie line sums up our belief that our customers truly can have it all -- and we wanted to be a part of serving Oswego wholesome, unprocessed, clean and made to order smoothies without sacrificing taste."

As the owner of YoBerry Frozen Yogurt (and Smoothie!) bar, Brown wanted to integrate some of her personal beliefs and interests into the business. Brown was a personal trainer/ group fitness instructor and still enjoys participating in fitness activities/healthy eating on a daily basis.

“Encouraging health, wellness, and nutritious food choices is still very much a part of my life. I am beyond excited to offer six different smoothies that include ingredients such as nutrient dense, no sugar added frozen fruit, coconut milk, and vegan protein powder, superfood greens such as kale and spinach and pomegranate juice.” said Brown.

In keeping with their "customizable" customer experience, they are also offering optional add-ins or "boosters" to increase the nutritional value according to what their customer finds beneficial or relevant. Some of these boosters include acai Powder, flax Seeds, and chia seeds, rice protein, whey protein, and Green Superfood blend.

Brown and the Yoberry staff invite you to come on down and try a smoothie. “At YoBerry Frozen Yogurt (and Smoothie!) bar, we believe that healthy eating can be delicious! Come and see for yourself! “ said Brown.

Yoberry is located in Hillside Plaza on W. Seneca St./St Rt 104W. Hours are Noon to 10pm, daily. Visit Yoberry at and

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